Amy Loftus is a singer/songwriter and podcaster. Originally from Chicago, Amy moved to Nashville after a performance at the Bluebird Cafe led to songwriting opportunities on Music Row. She toured as a unique solo opener for established Nashville acts before landing in Los Angeles where she met her husband, Oliver and became a stepmom. Her new album Keep me Wild is her 8th original album to date. She is the host of an Apple podcast called “Something Better” which reaches singles and spouses every Tuesday morning along with a corresponding blog on the podcast website, and balances relationship coaching and teaching yoga with her true passion- songwriting for television and film.


Fun Facts

I'm originally from Chicago and I did improv at the legendary Second City Training Center after I graduated from KU in Lawrence, Kansas. I was a student of the late Martin de Maat. The whole experience changed my life.

I studied painting at Lorenzo de Medici University in Florence, Italy during college with an unforgettable, happily married couple named Rose and Claire.

I once worked as Jerry Leiber's driver.

I have been doing yoga and meditating most of my life and I can do a headstand on a paddle board.

I can't stand small talk, and have been known to have deep, moving talks with total strangers.

I love angels and I believe they are surrounding me and have protected me all my life, especially in difficult times.

I believe we, as souls before each life, choose our parents. Though I did not give birth to my stepsons, I believe I was assigned to them. It’s a soul thing.

I love dark chocolate, cocoa butter lotion, and coffee.

I was once in a scene used for a flashback on the soap opera “Days Of Our Lives” and turned the TV on years later— to immediately see my own face. For years I got hilariously small residual checks from Corday Productions for this scene.

Singing at my shows is my absolute happy place and strangely, I feel invisible while I'm singing. I forget myself in a way that is holy relief to me.

I love Dateline and True Crime analysis, and I follow and pray for incarcerated innocents. It reminds me how simple life is when you remain conscious, listen to your gut and tell the truth. Cops, lawyers, financial advisors- they know about the truth, and consciousness. Because often it resides in body language, a few words, banal life details. That’s fascinating to me.