Amy Loftus

singer/songwriter and podcaster

Change Me


Change Me

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Change Me

i lift up my face when i cry for my tears are a river well traveled
and they tell me that i’ll never die while they have soften this life that unravels
i write troubles down in the wet shore carve my blessings into granite
keep my chin up toward the horizon and an ear upon the planet

and if you’ll change me into someone who can give you everything
if you’ll change me i won’t know the difference between you and me
if you’ll change me i will finally i will finally be free if you’ll change me

there’s no shame in a heart breakin open but there’s sadness in bones that store sorrow
when the door at the edge of my soul opens inward i’m soft as tomorrow
i don’t need to keep score or track down there’s no judging the steps of each pilgrim
and no need to produce what we’ve found with the light shining where we were once dim

please put out the fires under my desires
with each easy breezy day
i don’t need to get my way
i don’t even have a way anymore