Amy Loftus is a singer/songwriter originally from Chicago. Amy has worked as a professional actress, dancer and voice over artist, but when she moved to Nashville, a performance at the Bluebird Cafe led to songwriting opportunities on Music Row, and writing songs became her sole focus. She toured as a unique solo opener singing, and telling stories for established Nashville acts before landing in Los Angeles where she met her husband, Oliver and became a stepmom. Her new album Keep me Wild is her 8th original album to date. Amy balances teaching yoga at Equinox and through support sessions via Skype with her true passion- songwriting for television and film. Credits include “One For the Money” starring Katherine Heigl and the TV show “Sons of Anarchy”.


Fun Facts

I'm originally from Chicago and I did improv at the legendary Second City Training Center after I graduated from KU in Lawrence, Kansas. I was a student of the late Martin de Maat. The whole experience changed my life.

I studied painting at Lorenzo de Medici University in Florence, Italy during college with an unforgettable, happily married couple named Rose and Claire.

I once worked as Jerry Leiber's driver. I didn’t know who he was, which cracked him up. I never knew what was so funny until I realized later who I had been working for. After I told him I had a band and an acting agent, he gave me life changing advice: “do the thing you HAVE to do.”

I have been doing yoga and meditating most of my life and I can do a headstand on a paddle board.

I can't stand small talk, and have been known to have deep, moving talks with total strangers.

I love angels and I believe they are surrounding me and have protected me all my life, especially in difficult times.

I believe we, as souls before each life, choose our parents. Though I did not give birth to my stepsons, I believe I was assigned to them. It’s a soul thing.

I was once in a scene used for a flashback on the soap opera “Days Of Our Lives” and turned the TV on years later— to immediately see my own face. For years I got hilariously small residual checks from Corday Productions for this scene. I think one was for $3.40

Singing at my shows is my absolute happy place and strangely, I feel invisible while I'm singing. I forget myself in a way that is holy relief to me.

I’m a fan of Dateline. True Crime analysis is fascinating to me. I stand strongly against the death penalty, educate myself about the injustices of mass incarceration, and I write to and pray for incarcerated innocents, among them Darlie Routier.